Bag Studio

We dedicate the best of handcrafts to create
elegance and depth fostered through time.
Craftsman Naoyuki Komatsu creates the bags
lovingly from start to finish so that they will grow
more beautiful with age as customers breathe
life into them.
Indulge in the beauty of
the uncompromising ORTUS bag.

Naoyuki Komatsu

2000- study under 「Fugee」 Mr. Fujii Yukihiro。
2008 "CLEMATIS GINZA" with Mr. Keitaro Takano (shoemaker)
2012.Dec.- "ORTUS"

Craftsman Naoyuki Komatsus

Bespoke Commissions
ORTUS bags

At ORTUS, we sit down with our customers first to build trust because we believe that is how bags that withstand and grow more beautiful with age can be made.
Full custom bags are created with time and care from scratch for each customer. The craftsman proposes the materials and designs the bag based on the customer's preferences.
First, customers are asked to check the tack and the production starts after discussing the details and points of improvement so that the completed bag is exactly according to the customer's image.
With original orders, we discuss the customer's bag starting from a sample bag from where we propose the leather and the stitch. Inner pockets can be changed in detail (optional fee.) Sample stiches and partial tacks can be provided on request. Full custom bags and original orders are of the same quality.
Original orders with a selection of different leathers and stitches are available for accessories such as wallets, coin cases, and card cases.



Manufacture The Finest
ORTUS Technology


Every ORTUS bag is made by hand.
ORTUS bags are founded upon solid traditional skills and created through methods that bring out the best of its materials with the greatest attention put into the handwork and the condition of each leather in the production process.


At ORTUS, every product is special, which means that they will be looked after in every way possible. Maintenance for leather and topstitch is provided at free of charge in general.
A separate charge is required only when parts must be disassembled for replacement from extended use.